Introduction: At Mazza Marketing Co, my mission is to create brands that make a difference. The Glucose Glow Up project presented a unique opportunity to leverage my expertise in design and branding to support education within a topic that causes a lot of confusion; blood sugar management. The Concept Behind Glucose Glow Up Branding: The […]

Branding Spotlight: Glucose Glow Up

So, we all know that social media marketing is pretty awesome, right? The reach, the engagement, the likes, and the shares – it’s all fantastic stuff! But here’s a little food for thought: What if, just what if, tomorrow Facebook or Instagram decided to close up shop? Now, don’t panic! Take a deep breath, and […]

The Email List Advantage: 5 Reasons It’s a Game-Changer

Leveraging social media platforms are key components for the success of any business. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram are widely recognized, one platform often underestimated for its potential as a business tool is Pinterest.  In this blog, I will explore why Pinterest is a valuable asset for your business and why it is worth […]

Why Pinterest is A Visual Discovery Engine for Business Growth